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is one of the most experienced experts in the knowledge of fashion, she set her own method and published the book ´FASHION DRAWING´ through Hoepli, Milan. This book applies fashion styling to clothing, accessories and colour.
Furthermore she published essays and articles about the history of clothing costumes and colour.

The practical and methodological knowledge she has acquired come from a long experience born within her own family (her mother was infact a widely known ´modiste´) and from costant studies and research in the field of fashion, art, photography and social studies too in wich she still plays an active part, these always crowned by success.

Carla Cella

As a fashion designer she aims to coordinate all theoretic, methodological and operative contributions which are needed to clear up the problematic knots of the current worldly culture, uniting the technical-economic dimension with the social-cultural one and starting with these to suggest new planning shapes.

Ms. Cella holds consulting, services, courses, training, seminars both in Italy and abroad.

Carla Cella Moda e Design
MILANO (Italia)
Cell. +39 3474623723

Many targets are directed towards a new approach to the phenomenon "fashion" with a meaning of responsibility towards environmental and social problems such as no wasting of resources, respect for common property, culture and social values, for qualified programmes, plans and initiatives especially in developing countries. Clothing is the first environment wrapping of the human being.
Ms. Cella is an architect who graduated with honours from the "Architecture Politechnic" University in Milan.
She followed courses of History of Art and Photography at the University of Art , Music and entertainment of Bologna .

She has been assistant lecturer at the Architectural faculty of Milan and in the year 1995 organised the seminar "Fashion: Culture and Scheme" in the Degree Courses of Industrial Drawing.

From 1974 to 1993 she was on the regular staff roll of many state high schools, also holding a course "Fashion Drawing and Costume" at the IPFS Santa Caterina da Siena in Milan .

She taught in training courses fostered by the Region Lombardia and European social Fund (CEE)as well as other Organisations and Universities.
She has collaborated with private organisations and libraries looking through archives to Find Fashion Pictures, Fashion Designers and Fashion Show.
She takes part in fair events in the Fashion field still aiming to acquire updatings, improvements and new techniques.

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